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June 25, 2013
First autonomous flight of my #nodecopter

If you have been following my latest posts, you know that I'm actively working on enabling autonomous flight of a #nodecopter. The rain having finally stopped, I managed to get out today and record a short video of a first fully autonomous flight. The code of this example is available here.


The drone is taking off, climbing to 1.5m, moving forward 2 metes (2,0), then right two meters (2,2), back two meters (0,2), back to its starting position (0,0) and landing.


Below is the path as seen by the drone. Since I did not force (0,0) when climbing up, you can see the drone drifting.



Here is how the control looked like for the x coordinate (forward movements). The blue ligne is the target, the red line the estimated drone position, the green line the speed and the purple one the command sent to the drone.


And for the Y coordinate (sideways motion):



Finally, below is the video showing how this went in real. You can see the drone landing about 1m from the target zone. This is due to a poor state estimation and hopefully can be made better by implementing something like VSLAM. That will be the next challenge :-)