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May 7, 2013
Smart objects + Google Glass + Virtual interactions = Awesome :-)

Have a look at this video, and think about a future where you look through Glass instead of your tablet. Everyday objects overlayed by virtual interfaces visible through the digital lense.


Now we just need brain implents to make this even smoother and then we can drop the real world altogether :-)


Thanks to @karinslegers for sharing this.


raphdg Gravtar
on 7 May 13 at 9:20 CEST
+1 (#indieweb "Like" button ?)
Laurent Eschenauer mind=blown. Now itching to try to make some of these things ;)
eschnou Gravtar
on 7 May 13 at 19:27 CEST It seems 2013 is the year of the connected objects. With the Pi, the Arduino, and all other geekery stuff coming mainstream we see more and more cool stuff happening with smart objects. Add 3D printing, flying quadcopters, google glass, and it is an amazing revolution happening around us at the moment.
eschnou Gravtar
on 7 May 13 at 19:29 CEST
@raphdg Indeed, we need a +1 metaphor in the #indieweb, join us on #freenode to make it happen :-)