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April 19, 2013


Laurent Eschenauer It worked! Now here's a reply! #indieweb
tantek çelik Gravtar
on 19 Apr 13 at 22:57 CEST
Laurent, are the REPLIES FROM THE #INDIEWEB displayed automatically, are you manually adding them, or automatically queued and you're just manually approving them?
laurent eschenauer Gravtar
on 20 Apr 13 at 6:15 CEST It is automatic, when I receive a pingback I parse the source for mf2 content to find a hcard and hentry. No moderation, but I receive an email when someone comment/mention so I can react/delete if spammy.

Next for me is to also support webmentions, and enable a 'in-reply-to' flow.
Premier essai pour tenter de rejoindre une fédération #indieweb chez @eschnou #fra
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 22 Apr 13 at 20:27 CEST
And now we have unified local/indieweb comments, time ordered ! Let's have a real distributed conversation :-)
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 22 Apr 13 at 20:56 CEST This is a reply to your reply, making it a really distributed conversation :-)
Laurent Eschenauer great work getting #indieweb comments working :)
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 23 Apr 13 at 7:39 CEST Thanks for helping out. Could not have done it without your php-mf2 library!
Historically, I consider this to be the #indieweb equivalent of this.
Matthias Pfefferle Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 11:26 CEST
Hey Laurent, how do you know where you have to "attach" the reply, or do you run this task by hand?
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 12:04 CEST Everything is automatic. The pingback request as a 'target' which I map to an existing post (after a bit of regexp magic). In the 'source' item there should also be a link pointing to the target with a 'in-reply-to' tag. More details here:
Matthias Pfefferle Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 12:21 CEST
Nice! It seems there is a bug in my mf2 implementation and your storytlr is using the title instead of the post.
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 12:25 CEST
There is also a few bugs in my side (also in my own comments timestamp as you can see :-). A bit more work needed, but we are getting there :-) Welcome to the conversation!
Matthias Pfefferle Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 13:55 CEST
BTW, is storytlr also sending pingpacks/webmentions in the comments section? If so, do you have a source url for any "comment" or do you support some kind of html fragments like superfeedr does ?
WordPress and IndieWeb-Comments
Laurent Eschenauer Gravtar
on 24 Apr 13 at 19:19 CEST Yes, I send pingback for any mention within a comment (hence the @ at the begining of this comment) and the pingback is from a URl + fragment to the comment. I'm missing proper mf for the comment but it is coming.
Le Premier Fil de Discussion Fédéré de Commentaires #Indieweb
Hopefully h-card entities should get expanded in the reply context for this note (crosses fingers)
Testing, testing, is this thing on? 21:46 on 2013-04-26
Ben Werdmuller Really excited by indieweb comments. Impressive idea, and a pointer to what's possible with microformats and webmentions. 3s
Foot very much in mouth, here ends my #indieweb comment testing for the night. 4s
Another #indieweb creator has commented on Laurent Eschenauer’s famous thread with a new implementation — congratulations benwerd!
Just implemented the ability to send [WebMentions]( A little late to the party but here goes... #indieweb
My Webmention plugin for #WordPress should be kind of stable now… Time to ping the #IndieWeb #Conversations from @eschnou, @Barnaby Walters and @Aaron Parecki.
Testing IndieWeb comments
This should be working this time. I actually checked how the uf is parsing. Please delete the last 3 comments if you are able :P
testing #indieweb comments! hello, sorld 2013-06-26T06:38:10 Brian Hendrickson
Last try to complete all information. The MF2 parser was a lot of help to make this work.
Edit 2013-08-11 : extension webmention activée. Cf. détails configuration sur Réinitialisation WordPress My Webmention plugin for #WordPress should be kind of stable now… Time to ping the #IndieWeb #Conversations from @eschnou, @Barnaby Walters, @Ben Werdmuller, @Tom Morris, @Will Norris and @Aaron Parecki.…and some
Test extension IndieWeb pour WordPress
2013 November 30 A few months late, but I am joining he first federated #indieweb conversation: View on Twitter | In Reply To
A few months late, but I am having fun trying to join the first federated #indieweb conversation!
@eschnou now automatically sending webmentions (or pingbacks if necessary) from replies; joining #indieweb federation!